BIIWONG FOUNDATION is a development and community empowerment organization that is committed to strengthening grassroots capacities by working with citizens, refugees and migrants to build conflict free communities, enhance social cohesion and promotion of socio-economic development.
For the past 4 years, the BIIWONG FOUNDATION has facilitated rights-based public education and intervention platforms to raise awareness on community development, environmental protection targeting young people through workshops and trainings, enhanced mediation and dialogue, advanced advocacy campaigns, and as well emergency responses, in the North and South West regions of Cameroon.
To achieve all of this, BIIWONG has been working closely with various stakeholders such as the local government, local councilors, community development workers, Local leaders, youth groups, faith based groups, schools and other regional and international institutions.
BIIWONG facilitates information-sharing and networking amongst participating civil society organizations across the African continent, in particular through tools such as strengthening and supporting national and continental capacities for peace-building and conflict resolution and contribute to the improvement of the global environment.


Approved by the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako on the 22-OCT-2021 under the prefectural order No: 402/G.37/d14/VOLI/SAAJP.
Our Headquaters is in Buea Sub Division-Fako Division and we remain a non-denominational and non-profit making organisation.We operate in conformity with the prescriptions of Article 7 of Law No 90/12/1990 relating to the creation and functioning of Associations in Cameroon.An approved article of association for Biiwong Foundation has been distributed to the following :
All Sub Prefects Fako
Forces of Law and Order/Fako


Vision of BIIWONG
The BIIWONG FOUNDATION has as vision to contribute by 2040 to a human society which safeguards and respects the dignity of the human person and ensures a better living environment for humanity.
Mission of BIIWONG
BIIWONG FOUNDATION has as mission to guarantee long-term sustainable measures for the empowerment and enhancement of better living conditions in disadvantaged communities in Cameroon and beyond.

The BIIWONG FOUNDATION is a humanly diverse organization that works with the current time. She remains an empowering presence in the disadvantaged communities through her work. She works for the integral development of the human person. Her focus is on children, specifically the emancipation of the girl child through education and empowerment of women through skill-giving and rehabilitation. BIIWONG seeks a world where children and women in the most disadvantaged communities are able to participate in decisions that affect them. BIIWONG ensures change of traditional mindsets and practices which are obnoxious and are in abuse to the girl child.
Environmental protection and enhancement is a major aspect of her work. She believes the human family is secured with a better environment.

BIIWONG upholds the following values;
– Sacrifice/self -giving
– Commitment
– Accountability
– Transparency
– Impartiality

Buea South Region Cameroon



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