Improve upon students’ participation in the promotion of human rights law in their respective schools and environment

The planned activities to uphold participation of students in the promotion of human rights laws in schools and her environment was not possible owing to the current socio-political crises. The activities were envisaged with the hope that, a solution will be sought before the current project implementation. This changed the setting initially scheduled.

Owing to the importance of this activity within the current socio-political context, we couldn’t leave out this component in the midst of the existing challenge. The activities with the youths were carried out at the level of the communities through contacts in various social and religious groups such as the Catholic Youth Association, Youth Christian Fellowship, and Young Christian Student etc.

The planned activities were geared towards empowering youths to uphold human rights practices. Protecting the girl child and women in general against cultural barriers has been the forethought. Against this thought, talks were held with the youths on general practices which prevent full participation of the girl child and women in social and academic milieus. Home based practices, cultural and social happenings were shared and the limitations of these practices, which demote human dignity, were outlined.

Various practices were outlined by the youths;

  • Cultural barriers; women have no right to inheritance,
  • They have no right to participate in family issues only men do.
  • They are not given the opportunities to prove their worth in most cases
  • Their rights are on daily basis being infringed (sexual harassment, rape, assault etc)
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Early and forced marriages
  • Many women are not aware of their inner worth and are not taking further steps to do so.

The guiding question was; how can we boost of an environment void of gender discrimination? The workshop reflection was gotten from the quote of Pope John Paul II (1995), during the world day of peace.

“Many women especially as a result of their social and cultural conditioning do not become fully aware of their dignity, others are victims of a materialistic and hedonistic outlook which views them as objects of pleasure and does not hesitate to organize the exploitation of women even young girls into a despicable trade. Special concern need to be shown for these women particularly by others who thanks to their own upbringing and sensitivity are able to help them discover their own inner worth and resources. Women need to help women to find support in the valuable and effective contributions which associations, movements and groups, many of them of a religious character have proved capable of making in this regard.”

At the end of the workshop discussions drawn from the quote of Pope Jon Paul II, the youths came up with the following resolutions;

  • To protect the rights of women in all circles. In this regard, we are called upon to break the walls of those cultures that hinder women from participating in community initiatives that bring development through education.
  • Give women opportunities in various areas to prove their worth
  • We should protect and promote their rights and make their international days have meaning, for instance, “The International day of the girl child” 11th October each year and the “International women’s day” 8th March each year.

The youths at the level of each community forum have organized talks in groups to boost the welfare of the girl child and women in the promotion and enhancement of their rights.


Buea South Region Cameroon



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