The project was developed based on the lack of information on the COVID 19 in Kumbo, Bui Division. Owed to the long standing Anglophone crisis which limited information sharing due to closure of the radio stations and lack of electricity in the communities of Kumbo, information on the COVID 19 was lacking. The increase wave of the COVID 19 in Cameroon which led to impasse of school and limit in the use of public transport, showed the intensity of the pandemic in Cameroon.

Kumbo being a remote community lacking access to information and the fear on the increase spread of the virus, it was of essence to develop sensitization messages and prevention measures on the COVID 19 in these communities plagued by an ongoing crisis, lacking access to basic information.

10 rural communities have been reached with messages on the COVID 19. Information fliers, outreach talks in social groups were enabled by 20 youths of 10 communities (2 per community).

Communities aware of the COVID 19, now practice prevention measures on the COVID 19. The following statistics were gathered during field monitoring;

  • Out of the estimated population of 2000 people of 10 beneficiary communities 1,500 people practiced social distancing in the different social groups making up 75% in practice of the total estimated project population.
  • About 1,300 people practice regularly hand washing practices, making 65% in practice.
  • About 1,800 people use face masks regularly making 90% in usage.

These statistics were gathered by the 20 youths trained in the different beneficiary communities. Monitoring activities are continuously are continuously sustained in these communities.



Buea South Region Cameroon



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