Biiwong’s visit to Helping hands orphanage

With reference to the on going Anglophone crisis, a number of displaced teenagers and care takers at orphanages have increased making things difficult for a day to day livelihood. Biiwong Foundation as a non-profit organisation is committed to assist the less privileged and the children in particular with respect to our sustainable development goals .To this effect ,basic needs were handed to the Helping Hands Children’s Home, Bamenda.

Proper note on their most wanted needs and the problems faced around them and within the orphanage were also taken note of.Some of their biggest worries which were ; Gender discrimination,Attacks on schools due to the ongoing anglophone crisis,Disabilities,Toxic stress ,Poor hygienic conditions, lack of balanced diet and Danger on the way to school etc.
Because we can’t achieve our goals on our own, we shall work hand in hand with partners , other nonprofit organisations ,government organisations and each shall play a specific role in assisting and ameliorating conditions in this particular area.

We equally spoke to the staff to understand the operational modality of Helping Hands children’s home and by so doing we got to understand the task they have and the burden they carry on a daily bases to be able to take care of everyone amidst the Ophanage.

Story telling was not left out with the kids as we had a 1 hour session of a storytelling workshop where a team of 5 children each ,numbered team A,B,C,D,E were formed which was moderated by our fellow rotarians . the task was to create a story with team effort in the shortest time possible. Upon finishing the task one volunteer from each team shared the story with us. The children were happy to share their story with us but we picked the best story from one team and awarded them a price full with gifts.Here is the story that team c came up with.This one was presented by one of the team members as her story touched everybody.

One day I got my exam results. I became very happy.and started running home immediately. On my way home through the paths , I saw a strange fruit beneath a tree.The fruit looked so beautiful and after seeing the fruit I craved for it and I felt like eating it. The fruit was very sweet but after having a bite of the fruit I was feeling strange and suddenly I became a butterfly. While flying like a butterfly I reached a place full with Angels. My life was going on beautifully there as I made good friends but when I missed my parents I felt very bad and burst up in tears then suddenly I returned to normal.Since that days have never forgotten about the thought of this beautiful place and sometimes I feel like I want to go back there to stay forever because it is safe and its all love “

Buea South Region Cameroon



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